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To change the set temperature, hold down the left arrow key for 1~2 seconds and then let go. You will then be able to change the temperature. After entering the desired temperature, press set to save.

To change the set time for the curing cycle, hold down the set key for 1~2 seconds and then let go. You will be presented with a few settings parameters - press set for each one until you find "t1". Once the value is entered, hit set to proceed to end of settings parameters. If "t1" is not found, you may have entered into the second layer of settings. If so, hold the set key until you're return to the main screen and try again.

Upon powering on, the controller will use the previous data and settings. It will display the inside oven temperature as the top value and the set temperature as the below value. Once the oven reaches it's set temperature and stabilizes, it will then begin it's countdown of the set time. Note that the timer will start with a value of "1" and go up in value. 

Auto-tuning the oven can be achieved by holding down the set key for a second and letting go. It will be the first setting within the setting parameters, shown as "At". After selecting "yes" for auto-tune, precede by selecting the set key until you return to the temperature display. This setting is typically set up prior to oven being shipped out.


Video Tutorial On Setting Temperature and Time



Ramp + Soak Controller Video: