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Choices: Powder Coat Guns

Choices: Powder Coat Guns

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Deciding on a powder coat gun for home or business use can be a challenge if you've never held and tried the guns out before. On top of that, there’s not that many stores out there where you can simply walk in and try one out in person. There’s a small selection of powder guns available on the market today, each with their own features and profiles. Given those facts, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a random list of powder coat guns to give you a head start on your powder coat operation.

Wagner Sprint X

The Wagner Sprint X is favored by powder coaters for the ready supply of replacement parts available. Made by one of the three biggest powder coat gun manufacturers, it brings all their experience and technology into play. The Wagner Sprint X can be programmed for up to 47 custom powder coating recipes, and is easy to operate with its “Plug n play” style system.

Users report that later models seem to be a little heavy handed, but the most recent models have since resolved this.

Price Tag: $5,495.00

Target Audience: Businesses

Harbor Freight/Central Machinery Powder Gun

The cheapest gun on our list, the Harbor Freight powder coating system is a good beginners choice. With 80% transfer efficiency, you will get decent results, and the powder coat gun can be used with an air compressor, which makes it more cost effective than powder coating guns that require large air compressor systems.

It can be used with any powder coating powder, but is somewhat fragile. With its great pricing though, you can afford to replace it if it breaks.

Price tag: $74.99

Target Audience: DIYers


Gema Optiflex 2

Gema Optiflex 2 has one of the best warranties on the market, and is very flexible in what it can powder coat. Gema Optiflex 2 is simple to use on any kind of part, and performs well in heat, cold, dry air and humid. This makes it a sensible option for locations where weather is unpredictable, or it is hard to achieve good climate control.

This powder coating gun is one of the most durable on the market, but taking advantage of the generous 5 year warranty can be difficult. Pay close attention to the warranty requirements when you purchase your gun so you can follow the instructions precisely if something goes wrong.

Price tag: $5,900 (base model)

Target Audience: Businesses

Craftsman Spray Gun

Another entry level powder coating gun, Craftsman's powder coating gun has several interesting features that make it a great gun to test the waters of powder coating. Adjustable force allows you to choose how much powder coating comes out at once, and swappable powder cups allow you to easily change between types of color.

The most interesting feature of this gun is that no air compressor is required. This is virtually unheard of in spray guns, which makes this model the overall cheapest choice.

Price tag: $89.99

Audience: DIYers

WX-958 (eBay)

This powder coating system gives you a 45 liter capacity, so that you don't have to pause in your powdercoating to refill your cup. This generously designed powder coating gun setup is circuit protected and can put out as much as 45 grams of powder per minute.

Best of all, the machine can automatically adjust the force of the spray, reducing the amount of wasted powder as you work. All this at a fairly economical price.

Price tag: $398.59

Audience: Businesses

RedLine EZ-50

For beginner powder coaters, the RedLine EZ-50 is an excellent gun to consider. The RedLine EZ-50 provides adjustable force for the spray powder, which is its primary benefit. The “50” in the name is in reference to how many KV it has. The more KV, the more force with which it will apply powder, and the better wrap you will get. Additionally, the gun uses cups to store and shoot powder. Those cups can hold different colors and makes of powder for an easier flexibility when having multiple colors or coatings in mind.

The RedLine EZ-50's low price tag makes it a great choice for beginners, or for those who would otherwise be priced out of the market.

Price tag: $325

Target Audience: DIYers, Businesses