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Now Offering Financing

06 November, 2018
Now Offering Financing: Light Armor has officially partnered together with Quick Spark Financial to offer customers and businesses alike a payment solution in the form of financing. Compared to the...

Choices: Powder Coat Guns

25 October, 2018
Deciding on a powder coat gun for home or business use can be a challenge if you've never held and tried the guns out before. On top of that, there’s...

Launching Of The LA2500

24 September, 2018
Here it is - after numerous requests for a scaled down version of the LA5000, the LA2500 has emerged and looks great in black. Modest in both size and price,...

What Is Cerakoting?

15 August, 2018
What Is Cerakoting?   For gun enthusiasts, there is no protective coating that outshines cerakoting. For those unfamiliar, cerakoting is the art of applying a high tech, liquid ceramic coating...
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