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DIY Powder Coating Oven vs Purchased Powder Coating Oven

Downsides of DIY Powder Coating Oven

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If you need a powder coating oven, you have two options: to build your own or buy. This type of oven has broad applications across various industries. Make sure you choose the right option so that you can maximize the functionalities of this product for your intended purpose and application.

Downsides of DIY Powder Coating Oven

Can you build your powder coating oven? The answer is yes. It is possible to buy the different parts and supplies to build a specialized oven for powder coating. 

However, powder coating is a complex and sophisticated process. It requires the use of a specialized oven that can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 400 degrees F). If not, then the powder coating result will be inconsistent. A regular home oven won’t do the job either because the object being powder coated must fill inside the oven. In addition, it can also contaminate the food even after you’ve cleaned the oven. 

There are also unavoidable complications that could arise when you use a DIY powder coating oven. Here are some of the potential risks that you must know about before you consider building your own.

1. Buying powder coating oven supplies and equipment can be costly.

Choosing to build your powder coating oven might appear to be a practical step. However, you must consider the cost of acquisition for the different supplies and equipment you need to build an oven. A lot of DIY-ers underestimate how expensive this can be. 

The size of a typical powder coating oven is also much larger compared to home ovens. The size will directly impact the cost of building this type of oven. This is where professional powder coating oven manufacturers have an edge. They have access to the supplies and equipment required to build powder coating ovens that are tested for quality and performance. Due to the size of their manufacturing capacity, they can pass on the savings to their clients whereas you would have to cover the cost from start to finish if you build your own.

2. Building a powder coating oven exposes you to safety hazards.

Powder coating is a highly risky process. It involves the use of chemicals, heat, fine powder, and high heat. Building this oven at home is dangerous when you don’t have the proper training and experience for it.

The finely ground powder coating materials are so tiny that you could be exposed to or inhale them without even knowing it. Manufacturing plants for powder coating ovens and their staff employ specialized equipment and gear to avoid any adverse effects. 

In addition to the potential exposure to humans when building an oven, the fine powders are also a fire and explosion risk. You need proper ventilation in your working area to ensure the safety of anyone building the oven.

3. Improper and hazardous waste disposal.

Powder coating oven materials and supplies are non-toxic. However, certain chemicals must adhere to proper disposal regulations. If not, these chemicals and hazardous substances could easily infiltrate water systems and water treatment facilities. 

If this happens, the process of building your powder coating oven becomes a matter of public health risk, not just yours. 

potential risks of building your own powder coating oven

4. Lack of knowledge and skills in building powder coating ovens.

As mentioned earlier, the staff in a powder coating oven manufacturing facility has undergone intensive training. They have several years of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing process that you don’t have, even if you research it on the internet or have access to the necessary supplies and equipment.

Professional powder coating technicians must complete formal training and education so they can carry out the process. If you don’t have this level of training, you must understand the risks involved.

Why Buy Powder Coating Oven Instead?

In conclusion, leave the process of building a powder coating oven to the experts. They have access to the supplies and equipment to build a functional and efficient oven used for powder coating. 

There are two-fold benefits to opting for professionally made ovens. The first advantage is that you can ensure you have a functional and reliable powder coating oven that can deliver consistent results. The second advantage is for your safety. This oven must withstand extreme heat conditions and works with potentially hazardous chemicals. Make sure that your oven is professionally built to be able to deliver results that are up to par and without any safety risks.

In terms of cost-benefit analysis, the initial cost of buying a powder coating oven might be more expensive than building your own, but the investment you make will give you more reliability, performance, and don’t forget the product warranty over the long run.