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High Temp Powder Coat Applications and Uses

various applications for high temp powder coats

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Powder coating is the process of applying a finish to an industrial product or equipment. It is called this because it uses dry powder instead of a traditional wet paint application. This method of application can withstand extreme conditions and is more long-lasting. This guide will show you what a high temp powder coat can do and the various applications that it is used for nowadays.

What is a High Temp Powder Coat?

The powder that is used in powder coating comprises various components mixed to produce a solid mass (powder form). It is broken down into a granulated form before it is applied to a product or equipment. A high temp powder coat is a specific approach to this process that is designed to withstand extreme levels of heat. Therefore, it won’t get damaged easily and is designed to last longer than regular paint or solvent.

Specifically, a high temp powder coat offers resistance to chemicals and UV rays. You want to give your products surface heat protection using a high temp powder coat so it is not vulnerable to extreme fluctuations in temperature.

High-temperature powder coating varies with the temperature range that they can tolerate. Therefore, you should check the manufacturer’s information before using powder coating on your intended application. This step will prevent damage to the components or parts from being treated even when exposed to extreme heat. 

The definition of high temp powder coating is any application that requires a temperature above 400 degrees F. The maximum temperature is 1200 degrees F. This level of temperature for powder coating is most effective in preventing corrosion and preserves the finish of the product or equipment being treated. 

Applications for High Temp Powder Coat

There are various applications for high temp powder coats across numerous industries. Here are just a few examples of their uses.

Motorized Vehicles and Auto Parts

Motorized vehicles experience numerous stressors daily once it is on the road. The various components, individual parts, and systems of a vehicle also go through extreme temperature and environmental changes apart from its constant friction. The rapid thermal cycles can make motorized vehicles and their parts prone to damage over time. 

The use of a high temp powder coat on the exterior of the vehicle and its internal components allows it to maintain its integrity regardless of the external conditions. Several parts of a vehicle are made of metal that can corrode when unprotected. Using powder coating provides a layer of protection against corrosive damage to keep the vehicle functioning efficiently and to extend its lifespan. Even if it is exposed to extreme temperature changes, it will maintain its function and performance. 

The most common uses for high temp powder coats in the automotive industry include the following: wheels, bumpers, door handles, grills, engine blocks, radiators, under-hood components, mufflers, bed rails, luggage racks, etc.

use of a high temp powder coat on the exterior of the vehicle


The architecture industry is another common area of application for high heat powder coating. It is commonly used in building and construction supplies such as aluminum extrusions (used for door frames, windows, and storefronts), light poles, guard rails, fencing, posts, stadium seating, etc.

It is also used in rebar which is a common tool for improving the strength of roads, buildings, bridges, and retaining walls. This coating process is also used to provide additional protection to the interior and exterior of potable water applications, gas and oil transmission pipes, and valves. 

Appliance/Home Tools

High temp powder coating has many uses and applications in the appliance industry. This process provides an even and thin film on the product exterior to resist dents and chips. Hence, it is commonly used in house appliances like microwave oven cavities, air conditioning units, dryer drums, dishwashers, freezer cabinets, refrigerators, range housing, and many more.

Aside from home appliances, high heat powder coating is also useful in the manufacture of lawn and garden tools. Some examples of these products include lawn sprinklers, barbecue grills, garden tools, snow shovels, snow blowers, propane tanks, etc. 

The applications of high temp powder coat in products you often find at home do not end there. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture and furnishings like shelving, storage baskets, office furniture, and springs. 

high-temperature stationary ovens


The applications for high temp powder coats are continually growing. The applications above are just scratching the surface because it has more uses in today’s society that makes it a highly important process. With more developments in the powder coating industry and technology, you can expect that there will be more useful applications for this in the near future.