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The Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Painting

The Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Painting

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The Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Painting


Powder coating is a popular method of finishing a metal surface. While you may not yet be familiar with the term, you have definitely seen powder coating before. Powder coating is used to finish everything from thumb tacks to stadium seating, and the popularity of powder coating is only growing.

The success behind powder coating is due to it's many benefits. Unlike paint or other forms of protective coating, powder coating guns use an electrostatic bond to adhere the powder to the surface. The result is a smooth, drip-free application that looks great and lasts a long time. Many people are choosing powder coating over painting their metal surfaces, and for good reason.


Greater Durability

There's a reason why powder coating is favored on stadium seating, vending machines, and appliances. Powder coating is less likely to chip or scratch, making the finish last much longer than paint, which may not adhered as well to a super smooth surface like metal. Powder coatings are also more flexible, and can handle a little bit of bend of vibration without cracking and peeling. This is not always the case with paint. Powder coated patio furniture, as an example, will look like new long after a similar painted piece has started to show its age. The difference is in the sheer durability of a powder coating. 


Easier Maintenance

Powder coated items don't need a lot of care after they've been coated. A little soap and water is all you need in order to keep the coating clean, and you don't have to worry about touching it up since powder coating is so durable. Just a quick wipe down when ever the appliance or other item gets dirty is usually all the maintenance needed thereafter. Paint may need more care than this, requiring touch ups, special cleaners, and greater care in handling.


More Environmentally Friendly

  • In order for our appliances, car parts, and other metal surfaces to last a long time, they need a protective finish of some kind. Whether this comes in the form of paint, or a clear lacquer, a finishing coat protects the product from harmful UV rays as well as other damage. Unfortunately, these alternatives to powder coating are highly damaging to the environment, and also extremely wasteful. Paint in particular requires solvents and other chemicals in order to work properly, which can be damaging both to the people using it and the environment. Powder coating produces no air pollution, and is safer for the people applying it to be around. It also greatly reduces the amount of wasted material, with as much as 99% of the excess powder being recyclable.

    Powder coating is a great option if you are looking for a finish that will hold its color over time, stand up to the abuses of nature, and not require a lot of maintenance. If you're trying to decide on which choice is best, look into powder coating as the longer lasting and environmentally safer choice for your application.