Freight Rates Can Be Determined At Checkout

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Shipping Options
Ovens are shipped upright and will require either a fork lift, loading dock, or lift gate services (which can be chosen at checkout) to unload from delivery freight truck due to their size and weight.
Shipping is executed in a couple of ways:
LTL Freight: LTL freight shipping services are considered a premium shipping method. The advantages of LTL freight include quick transit times (typical delivery time being 2~3 days) and delivering items to directly to your location. Shipping costs vary from case to case (generally starting at around 200$), as multiple variables dictate the overall costs to ship, such as distance, classification of drop off address, lift gate assistance, and so on. Costs for freight to your location can be found during checkout.

If for some reason the only shipping option coming up at checkout is Will-Call, it's possible that our shipping app is bugged and needs fixed. No worries, as we can send you an invoice through our website. Just email us your shipping address, item(s), your name, and a good contact number and we'll send you an invoice.

Will-Call (Customer Pick Up): If you'd like to bypass shipping expenses and pick the item(s) up in person, please contact us ahead of time and we can arrange a proper date for customer pick up. For picking up orders in person that were placed online, bring a photo ID for verification or email scans of ID prior to pickup. If you'd like to pay in cash upon pickup, please email or call us; we give discounts for orders paid in cash and do not require ID.
Terminal Pickup: A terrific option for deliveries headed to residential locations, which can sometimes cost an additional 125$. Lift gate services for unloading at a location can cost around 100$ and so terminal pickup may be the best deal for those looking to save on shipping costs. For commercial destinations (defined by the freight carrier) that possess a forklift for unloading the oven from the freight truck, this option isn't recommended, as you probably won't save any money. In the case that you'd like to have items shipped to a terminal pickup location, you can email us with your delivery address and we'll be able to provide you with both the nearest and cheapest terminals. Once a terminal / freight company has been chosen, we'll send you a custom invoice, as the shipping page, found at checkout, will not offer terminal pickup location rates.
Shipping Notes:
Semi Truck / Freight Shipment-Damage: Be sure to carefully inspect a product for damage before signing the bill of lading. While the truck driver is present, open the protective wrapping on the oven and visually inspect it for any scratch marks and dents. If it is damaged in any way, you MUST point this out to the truck driver so that it's on record for all parties involved. Filing claims is much quicker when damage has been identified and noted by the recipient and freight carrier. You must select and purchase "Shipping Insurance" prior to delivery for your item(s) to be insured. Light Armor does not insure any items that are shipped out and is not responsible for any damage incurred during transit and upon delivery. Light Armor will, however, work with the given shipping company and insurance company on the customer's behalf in the case of a claim.
Will-Call / Pick Up Damage: Once products are inspected and picked up by the customer or a party acting on behalf of the customer, customer accepts any and all damage that may arise during transit or transportation.
Shipping Insurance: Shipping insurance is optional for orders, costs 40$, and is highly recommended given the nature of shipping. We do our very best to protect the ovens that we send out by wrapping them with bubble wrap, cardboard, and plastic wrap and bolt them down onto their respective pallets, as we want our customers to not have to worry about damage after patiently waiting to receive their oven(s). If you opt out of insuring your order and your oven is damaged in transit, we cannot file a claim for compensation and you will be stuck with any damage. Rarely do shipments get damaged and when they have, it has been very minor and purely cosmetic.
Additionally, all the carriers that we work with offer various insurance caps and are subject to change.
If you are unsure of any of this or would like to know how much a carrier will insure for your delivery, please email us.