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What Is Cerakoting?

What Is Cerakoting?

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What Is Cerakoting?


For gun enthusiasts, there is no protective coating that outshines cerakoting. For those unfamiliar, cerakoting is the art of applying a high tech, liquid ceramic coating to a given firearm and then allowing it to either air dry or dry with an oven. The coating can be thin enough to avoid inhibiting both the inside and outside action of the gun, while offering the firearm unrivaled protection from heat, abrasion, and general wear and tear.

Cerakoting is unique because it can be used on a variety of different materials, from wood to metal, as well as plastics and polymers. The result is a modern looking finish available in a variety of different colors, that can be used on any firearm. This distinguishes it from other coating types such as bluing and parkerizing which only works on steel.

Some training is recommended for using this application process, because it is a little more difficult to apply than other protective coatings. Experienced professionals who have had some training will be able to coat the entire gun properly, including sharp corners and edges where the coating may be even thinner than other locations.

Because cerakoting involves ultra thin coats—as thin as 1 mil (not not to be mistaken as 1 millimeter), it can be applied anywhere on the gun, adding the ultimate level of protection. Cerakoting is preferred over other coatings for many reasons, including:

  • Rust preventionCerakote keeps water out and prevents damage from rust, without the need for gun oil or other preservatives.
  • May improve performanceEvery gun has tiny imperfections on the inside of the barrel that impact aim. Most of the time this isn't a big deal, but for sharp shooters at long distance, those tiny shifts in the bullet can add up. Cerakote fills in those tiny cracks, offering a smoother trajectory that may be noticeable to experienced shooters.
    Since it also reduces the need for cleaning, this has earned some respect from those who enjoy sharp shooting as a sport.
  • Reduces wear on moving partsOver time, the biggest damage incurred to a gun is through its moving parts. A gun can cease to function or even become dangerous to fire if all of the parts are not in proper working order. Cerakote can help a gun last longer, by protecting the moving parts from friction. It is one of the few coatings thin enough to be used on the moving parts. Many coatings are too thick for this, and the entire gun will stop functioning if the part is too thickly coated.

    Cerakote is the leading choice in firearm protection for good reason. The unique ceramic coating adds years to the durability and serviceability of a firearm, even with regular use. Cerakote continues to look and perform well even after thousands of rounds have been put through the gun, making it a practical choice as well as a beautiful one.