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How Does a Powder Coating Oven Work?

26 April, 2022
Industrial powder coating ovens are more commonly used today than they were a few years ago. This is a result of competitive prices and the growing number of uses for...

Now Offering Financing

06 November, 2018
Now Offering Financing: Light Armor has officially partnered together with Quick Spark Financial to offer customers and businesses alike a payment solution in the form of financing. Compared to the...

What Is Cerakoting?

15 August, 2018
What Is Cerakoting?   For gun enthusiasts, there is no protective coating that outshines cerakoting. For those unfamiliar, cerakoting is the art of applying a high tech, liquid ceramic coating...

The Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Painting

15 August, 2018
The Benefits of Powder Coating vs. Painting   Powder coating is a popular method of finishing a metal surface. While you may not yet be familiar with the term, you...
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