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What Is Powder Coating?

What Is Powder Coating?

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What is Powder Coating?


This can be explained as a method or application of coating an item which is done by applying free-flowing, dry powder. Powder coating is executed as an electrostatic application, where powder is not only blown onto the designated item but is also bonded to the surface through the adhesion of high voltage. Once powder is applied, it is then cured with heat to make it more or less melt over the item and form the protective coat. Due to the fact that powder coating has no liquid carrier, it results in a thicker coat that does not run or sag like enamel or latex paints. This kind of coating is often used to make a harder finish than the regular liquid paint provides as well.

What can Powder Coating be used for?

Powder coating is typically used to coat metals such as steel and aluminum. Various colors and blends of powders can be applied to an item before and after curing, allowing for multiple layers. Objects which powder coating can be used on include:  

- Automobiles such as cars, bikes, boats, motorcycles, and so on.

- Bicycle part such as the body frame, the mirror frames and the brakes.

- Household appliances such as refrigerators, blenders, microwaves, kettles and toasters.

- Drum hardware such as  parts of a drum kit used to position, tension or support the drums.

- Aluminum Extrusions.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating has many benefits, especially in comparison to other types of coatings. Some of the benefits of powder coating include:

  1. No need for pollution control: The components of many powder coating do not include solvents. They also release only a small percentage of VOC, (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air. Due to this, filters do not need to be used, nor do you need to buy expensive pollution control equipment. This not only saves money and time, it also helps both individuals and companies follow any Environmental Protection rules in the process.
  2. No sagging or running: Due to the fact that powder coating does not have a liquid carrier, it can produce a thicker coating than other coating methods. This thicker coat does not run or sag as it sometimes does with liquid coating.
  3. Smooth surfaces: Powder coating gives a very smooth surface. For example, if you look at the frame of a bicycle or the body of a car, you can see how smooth the surface is. This is because, with powder coating, there are no signs of a difference between a surface which is coated horizontally or a surface which is coated vertically. In the end, a smooth surface is produced.
  4. Speciality Effects: With other coating methods, there are some limitations to the speciality effects that can be carried out. Powder coating, on the the other hand, offers a large variety of speciality effects which can easily be applied.
  5. Curing: Curing a  powder coated item is done using heat and the process of applying a single coat and it’s finish time is much faster than waiting for most paints to dry. This saves you time and possibly money.


In conclusion, powder coating is a very effective and efficient method of protecting the surface of a given metal item.